Spring Break Youth Camp in West Kelowna

Spring Break Youth Camp in West Kelowna

No prior rowing experience required. Designed for Beginners and Experienced Ages 12 to 17

Benefits: This is a truly unique experience spending days on the water experiencing a dynamic sport in a supportive and fun environment. Participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to rowing from Rowing Canada trained and certified coaches who have been or are competitive rowers. The basic technical skills of rowing are taught through on-land and on-water training. Available equipment includes Concept 2 Ergometers/rowing machines for technical and fitness training on land, and a fleet of sculling boats on the water. Kelowna Rowing Club's Spring Break Youth Camp balances fun along with developing strong rowing technique and skills, building self-confidence, and some new friendships along the way. 

Safety: Participants are supervised, trained and, coached by Rowing Canada trained and certified coaches and on-water activity is always monitored from safety equipped motorized coach boatsCoaches adhere to KRC's policies and require Vulnerable Sector Checks.

Spring Break Rowing Camp


Frequency: Half Day from 9am to 1pm. March 25, 26, 27, 28

Fee: $275.00 per week (fee break down: $228.75 + $46.25 RowingBC/Rowing Canada fees)

Questions? Please contact the club on our contact form.


  1. Register through the Rowing Canada  – https://membership.rowingcanada.org/JoinProgram
  2. Create an account. Parent/Guardian will need to register for youth participants. Use the parent/guardian email and phone number however register using the youth’s name and the youth campers birthdate etc. (or Log-in if you are returning from a previous year)
  3. Complete on-line registration and accept the waivers.
  4. Method of payment: Credit card payment using weblink via Rowing Canada on-line registration system.


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